Prop kits

We are CRAZY about props and especially fun geeky ones. One of the things that sets us apart from ‘other’ photobooths is that not only do I personally take a lot of pride in picking out high quality props, but i also have a background in cosplay (costume play) events, so rather than cheap out with some easily breakable ‘dollar store’ props, we love to ‘geek out’ and bring super fun and super high quality props to every event.

From funny mustaches and glasses to hilarious signs, we know exactly how to turn up the volume at any event.

Want something custom? Interested in throwing a theme party? Just let us know and we will do all the leg work and purchase props specific to your party theme, whether it be a Star Wars or Superheroes party, to an elegant and fun wedding, we can make sure you have something to make your booth just a little bit more ‘special’ on your day.

All Props are thoroughly cleaned, so you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best quality and your guests will love them too!