Backdrop Selection

To make your event special, we only use beautiful designed high quality backdrops, or simple single color backdrops made out of clean spandex material

If you like you can select from our assortment of backdrops, or request information on our partner companies to get something custom for your event. We order it for you and take care of all the leg work before the event. (Please allow at least 2 weeks prior to event for custom orders)

Premium Backdrops

(Included with All Packages)



Gold Sequins:

Silver Sequins:

80's Lazers:

Custom Order Backdrop Swatches


Interested in having a custom backdrop made especially for your event. With our specialty backdrop vendors, we can order exactly the style you would like and integrate it with your photobooth. Simply let us know your selection during your consultation, and we will handle the rest.

(Current Pricing on Drop It Modern)

Don't see exactly what you want? Check out our partner companies, and we can custom order from our friends as well! :



Step and Repeat


If you are interested in a ‘Step-And-Repeat’ backdrop where you would like a custom logo for your brand or event, we can take care of that as well. Just send us the logo and we take care of the rest.

We use sturdy heavy-duty steel backdrops to ensure that nothing gets knocked over at the event and our large open air style backdrops let even large groups of 10 or more all get into the photo.