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RideShare Partner FAQ


If you are an Uber/Lyft Rideshare Partner, you can advertise with us and make extra money by keeping brochures available in your vehicle.


Q. Can i legally advertise in my uber/lyft?

A. Yes.

Q. I don't want to be some aggressive annoying salesman

A. Please don't be, that's the last thing i would want, my preference is to be your regular friendly self, let the material speak for itself, and familiarize yourself with the photobooth information in the brochure and be able to answer questions about it, or you can point them to my number and i can help them along as well. I'll personally give you a demo of how our system works so you understand the fun experience you'll be advertising.

Q. How do i put brochures in my vehicle?

A. Come meet me at our coffee shop/office over in the Central District (23rd and Union), we will set you up with a backseat brochure holder with all of our information and help you get installed.

Q. How much money can i make?

A. Sky is the limit, on average you can expect to make around 200-300 a month by keeping the brochures in your vehicle on display, however there is no limit, and if you can casually engage your riders and 'hype' up the photobooth, you can easily earn double that or even more! 

Q. How do i get paid?

A. Easiest way is to setup a Venmo/Paypal account if you want to instantly get paid the moment we get a booking with your referral code. However we can also setup a refillable VISA gift card for you as well.

Q. How do you know it was a referral from me?

A. Each brochure will have your custom referral code that clients can use to get a discount, and once we have a booking set for their event, you will get your reward bonus paid instantly!

Q. This sounds too good to be true, is this a scam?

A. Nope, when we get bookings you get paid, simple as that. As an Uber/Lyft driver myself, i know that 'Good things come to those who hustle'.

Q. I've run out of brochures, how do i get more?

A. Just give us a heads up a day before, and come pick more up at our office on 23rd and union;. You can get as many as you like distribute.

Q. This is a great idea, can i put my own small business brochures in the holder as well?

A. Yes! Just keep a few of ours in too!

Q. How do i get started?

A. Fill out the form above, or contact me 206.501.1960 and setup an appointment. Come by and have a coffee, and i'll get you all set up!